Submit a Final Manuscript

Prepare Final Manuscript

The final manuscript of your paper should account for all the critical reviewers’ feedback. Please notice that the contributor uploads his/her contribution that should fulfill the format constraints (use the IFAC paper format here). All submissions must be written in English and prepared in the IFAC format. See the support page where tools are provided for managing formatting issues.

Registration to the Congress

Papers are accepted based on the understanding that at least one of the authors registers to the Congress and is present at the Congress either on site or on line (virtual). In order to submit the final version, you complete registration first as a full or a student registrant after specifying which paper(s) you cover under your registration. If your paper exceeds the nominal page count, 6 pages for regular papers and 12 pages for survey papers, by maximum 2 pages, you must first complete the final submission information on the paper submission page of your author interface. Then the excess page count will appear in the SELECT PAPERS page in the registration process.

Details about the Registration

Upload Paper

After making the registration for the Congress, please upload your final manuscript from the IFAC PaperPlaza conference manuscript management system.

Upload the Final Manuscript