Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremony 1
(8th July, Saturday, 17:45 – 18:30)

IFAC Fellows

The IFAC Fellow Award is given to persons who have made outstanding and extraordinary contributions in the field of interest of IFAC, in the role as an Engineer/Scientist, Technical Leader, or Educator.

Harold Chestnut Control Engineering Textbook Prize

This award is presented at each Triennial Congress for the best Control Engineering textbook for which the first edition(s) occurred not later than the Congress just prior to the one at which the award is presented. It recognizes the author(s) of the textbook(s) judged to have most contributed to the education of control engineers.

Outstanding Service Award

This award is presented to IFAC officials who have served and contributed substantially to IFAC in various capacities, according to a criterion set by the Council.

Award Ceremony 2  in Opening Ceremony
(9th July, Sunday, 18:00 – 20:00)

Major Awards

Giorgio Quazza Medal recognizes outstanding lifetime contributions of a researcher and/or engineer to conceptual foundations in the field of systems and control. This IFAC award, created in 1979, is a memorial to the late Giorgio Quazza, a leading Italian electrical and control engineer who served IFAC in many capacities in a most distinguished manner.

Nathaniel B. Nichols Medal recognizes outstanding contributions of an individual to design methods, software tools and instrumentation, or to significant projects resulting in major applications and advancement of control engineering. The spirit is captured by the name of Nathaniel Nichols, one of the pioneers of control engineering.

Manfred Thoma Medal recognizes outstanding contributions of a young researcher and/or engineer under the age of 40 to the field of systems and control in its widest sense. It is named after Manfred M. Thoma, a leading contributor to the field of control and to IFAC, and supporter of the careers of many young scientists.

Industrial Achievement Award is given to an individual, or a team of individuals, who has made a significant contribution to industrial applications of control. The award is given in technical fields covered by IFAC. The selection is based on industrial achievements measured in terms of: Inventions in the control area, Engineering significance of products and projects, Industrial leadership, Promotion of control technology in industry, Impact of patents, International recognition.

High Impact Paper Award acknowledges the impact of a paper published in any of the official IFAC journals on the broad areas of Automatic Control theory and application.

Appointment of new Advisors


Award Ceremony 3 in Closing Ceremony
(14th July, Friday, 16:00 – 18:00)

Journal Awards

Automatica Paper Prize

Control Engineering Practice Paper Prize

Journal of Process Control Paper Prize

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence Paper Prize

Mechatronics Paper Prize

Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems Paper Prize

Annual Reviews in Control Paper Prize

The IFAC Journal Awards are given for outstanding papers published in the above IFAC Journals in the three years preceding the Congress. The prize funds are provided by the publisher of the IFAC Journals, Elsevier Ltd.

Congress Prizes

IFAC Congress Young Author Prize is for the best paper at the IFAC World Congress of an author younger than 30 years by July 1st, 2023. The author should be the first and should also present the results during the World Congress.

Jared Miller, Tianyu Dai, Mario Sznaier: Superstabilizing Control of Discrete-Time ARX Models under Error in Variables
Xiangyuan Zhang, Raj Kiriti Velicheti, Tamer Basar: Learning Minimax-Optimal Terminal State Estimators and Smoothers
Yijun Chen, Guodong Shi: Dynamic Game for Regional Climate Mitigation Control
Daniel Arnstrom, Daniel Axehill: BnB-DAQP: A Mixed-Integer QP Solver for Embedded Applications
Melanie Harms, Christian Schilli, Eva Zerz: Invariant Sets for a Class of Nonlinear Control Systems Tractable by Symbolic Computation

IFAC Congress Application Paper Prize is given for outstanding technical contributions at the IFAC Congress in the area of control applications. This includes, but is not limited to, case studies, design and implementation of control systems and optimization of operations in a process.

Nour. Aldeen. Jalal, Tamer Abdulbaki Alshirbaji, Paul D. Docherty, Herag Arabian, Thomas Neumuth, Knut Moeller: Surgical Tool Classification & Localisation Using Attention and Multi-Feature Fusion Deep Learning Approach
Moritz Fehsenfeld, Johannes Kühn, Karl-Philipp Kortmann: Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for Fault Diagnosis of Belt Drives
Takeshi Hatanaka, Masato Horikawa, Ryo Oda, Miharu Shirai, Koji Sokabe, Tatsuya Kittaka, Masayuki Fujita: Design of 3-D Operation Support System with Variable Autonomy via Gaussian Process Regression
WeiKun Deng, Khanh T. P. Nguyen, Kamal Medjaher, Christian Gogu, Jérôme Morio: Bearings RUL Prediction Based on Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning

IFAC Congress Interactive Paper Prize is for the best paper accepted and presented at the IFAC World Congress in an interactive session. At the congress, the presentations will be given in two formats: lecture/oral sessions and interactive sessions. All papers undergo the same review process, and the presentation format does not reflect the rating of the reviews. It is at the discretion of the International Program Committee to choose which papers are presented in either oral or interactive sessions.

Basak Ozaslan, Eleonora Maria Aiello, Francis Doyle, Eyal Dassau: Model Identification with Incomplete Input Data in Type 1 Diabetes
Melanie Harms, Christian Schilli, Eva Zerz: Invariant Sets for a Class of Nonlinear Control Systems Tractable by Symbolic Computatio
Jasper Juchem, Mia Loccufier, Amélie Chevalier: Towards a Controlled Orthosis for Sit-To-Stand Support in Independently Living Elderly: Model Development
Taku Nishino, Takayuki Ishizaki: Estimation of Domain of Attraction Based on Equilibrium-Independent Passivity of Power Systems
Fei Chen, Dimos V. Dimarogonas: Distributed Control of Coupled Leader-Follower Multi-Agent Systems under Spatiotemporal Logic Tasks


IFAC Foundation Awards
(in Award Lecture/Speech on 12th July, Wednesday)

IFAC Foundation Kwon Award

One of the aims of the IFAC Foundation is to promote the awareness and dissemination of the social relevance of automatic control. The IFAC Foundation recognizes at each IFAC World Congress the contributions of individuals or a group of individuals who through their work have shown how automatic control science and technology can contribute to significant advances in the broad area of "sustainable development". This includes work on the topics of renewable and clean energy, management of energy, water and resources in general, control in agriculture, pollution control, climate control or similar.

All papers published in any of the IFAC Journals during the triennium of 2020-2022 are eligible for nomination. The first award was made at the 2017 IFAC World Congress in Toulouse, and is fully funded by the IFAC Foundation. The IFAC Foundation Kwon Award is made in honour of Professor Wook Hyun Kwon whose initial donation fostered the creation of the IFAC Foundation.

IFAC Foundation D&I Award

The IFAC Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new award, to be given triennially, to an individual or a team that has made outstanding contributions to the scientific promotion and/or the advancement of diversity and inclusion within IFAC (conference/event, technical committee, publications, NMO, etc). The contribution could represent a single activity, or a sustained effort over multiple years. This award is sponsored by Elsevier.