Instructions for Authors and Chair Persons



Instructions to Authors and Chair Persons

Session Chairs/Co-Chairs are crucial for the congress program to run smoothly.

The main responsibilities of session chairs are:

  1. Introduce the speaker during the session; the two chairs can decide on the format/order in which they will make introductions.
  2. Keep the speakers on schedule. Since many of the attendees like to attend paper presentations from several parallel sessions, it is important that each paper is presented during its allocated time slot.



Oral presentation

  1. To ensure the smooth operation of the session, presenters are asked to arrive in their session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start time.
  2. Each session room is equipped with a projector, screen, and laser pointer. Note that only an HDMI connection is provided. Presenters are therefore encouraged to bring their own laptop and, if needed, an HDMI adapter.
  3. Presenters should verify that their laptops can connect to the projector and display slides correctly before their session begins. If technical issues arise, the conference staff will be on hand to assist. In case of difficulties, a Windows laptop equipped with MS PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is available in the session room for presentations. Slides can be transferred to this on-site laptop via the presenter’s USB flash drive. Additionally, slides and presentation videos uploaded through PaperPlaza will be stored on the on-site laptop.
  4. Each presentation has been allotted 20 minutes: 15 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for Q&A. Presenters are kindly requested to adhere to this schedule.



Interactive presention

Interactive Sessions are scheduled in the Exhibition Hall from 10th-13th, during the afternoon.
For online interactive presenters, their pre-recorded videos will be played there.
In-person interactive presenters will also deliver 2-minute Shotgun Talks during dedicated morning sessions in Rooms 301 and 302.

Shotgun Talk Instructions:

  1. Arrive at the session room 10 minutes prior and inform the session chairs.
  2. Sit near the podium due to limited transition time.
  3. A congress-provided laptop with pre-submitted slides will be used. Onsite slide modifications aren't allowed.
  4. Each talk lasts 2 minutes. A 2-minute countdown timer and signals will be provided to manage time.


Interactive Presentation Instructions:

  1. These occur in 2-hour slots, parallel to other oral presentations, in Hall-A of the Congress Center.
  2. Arrive in Hall-A 10 minutes early and be ready to present.
  3. Bring your laptop. A space equipped with a 40-inch monitor (1920x1080 resolution), an HDMI cable, an electrical plug (type A, 100V), and a table for your laptop will be provided.
  4. The space is unsuitable for printed posters.



Online presentation

We recognize that, due to varying time zones and potential logistical challenges, some of online participants may not be able to join your designated sessions in real-time. To ensure all presentations are delivered as planned and no valuable contributions are missed, we will be playing pre-recorded videos for all online presenters in the session room, following the scheduled time slots. Also, due to the absence of online communication tools in the session room, we will not be able to facilitate live Q&A sessions for the pre-recorded presentations. Instead, the online presenters will receive questions through the virtual conference platform.

You do not need to notify us in advance even if you plan to attend IFAC WC 2023 online. To accommodate for any unforeseen circumstances or absences, a staff member in the session room will handle the playing of the pre-recorded video at the designated time.

Note that all pre-recorded videos will also be accessible via the virtual conference platform. This feature allows participants to view the presentations at their own convenience, making the conference experience more flexible and inclusive. The link to the VCP will be made available on the Congress web page on Saturday, July 8th, 2023.