D&I Travel Support

D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Travel Support

The IFAC Foundation recognizes the value that diverse participants bring to the World Congress, and also recognizes that many candidates from diverse groups have financial difficulty attending such an event. To promote diversity and inclusion, the IFAC Foundation and the WC organizing committee are pleased to announce financial support for diverse candidates to attend the World Congress. The support consists of waiving the registration fees for the World Congress.

A person is eligible for this support if the person meets all of the following criteria:

  • The person must be an author of a technical paper that has been accepted at the Congress.
  • The person must be from an underrepresented group, within IFAC and/or within their home country.


  • Submission of an application represents no guarantee that funding will be given.
  • Only one author per paper can be supported.
  • Travel, accommodation, visa and insurance costs remain the responsibility of the recipient.
  • Presentation of the paper at the congress by the successful applicant is a requisite for support.
  • Recipients must write a short report (a few lines) about their work, paper title, and stating what the attendance meant to them, and what they learnt. Applying for the support implies that the recipients give their consent that the report together with their picture and a brief bio will be uploaded on the Foundation and/or Congress website.


  • Application site will open by February 2023.
  • Deadline for Applications will be 14th March 2023 (tentative)

In the application site, applicants will be requested to submit a letter of motivation in 1-page (A4 format), specifying in particular why this financial support is necessary in her/his situation.


Contact address can be found in PDF.