Industry Group

Industry Groups

As an important feature of IFAC 2023, we have launched the Industry Group at a large scale in the National Organizing Committee. This is our attempt to make IFAC 2023 a turning point for enhancing participation and involvement of researchers and practitioners from industry in IFAC activities, which have been a long-standing issue. It is indeed a great chance to identify emerging technologies and areas relevant to control as the domains in close proximity to control technologies are expanding today due to the growth in new concepts and tools from Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Science, Digital Transformation, and so on. 
The Industry Group has been organized with 137 members, where 61 of them are affiliated with major industrial companies in Japan. The Industry Group concerns all the industry related issues of the Congress and consists of seventeen Subcommittees representing different industry and technology domains which correspond to many IFAC TCs. 
The objectives of the Industry Group have been set as follows: 

  • To promote industry engagement and participation from across the world. 
  • To advertise IFAC activities to engineers/practitioners in industry new to IFAC and encourage their participation. 
  • To provide the industry members with opportunities to work with academia for the organization of events at the Congress based on their needs and interest. 
  • To support the industry members to present the current topics in their expert areas and new developments to participants of the Congress, which may stimulate and lead to new collaborations. 


This effort is also in accordance with the Congress vision ''Control for Solving Societal Problems and Creating Societal Values.'' The goal is to identify current societal problems that industry is facing, to find control-oriented solutions, and then to provide the opportunities to present potential directions at the Congress. 
The Industry Group has proposed 33 events for the Congress:
1 workshop, 10 invited sessions, 8 forums, 2 citizen forums, 2 competitions, 1 demonstration, 5 exhibitions and 4 technical tours.


Industry Group

Chair Kazuya Asano JFE Techno-Research Corp.
Co-Chair Ken-ichi Tanaka MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation
Co-Chair Shuichi Adachi Keio University
Co-Chair Manabu Kano Kyoto University
Co-Chair Takashi Yamaguchi Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Member Norihiro Kamamichi Tokyo Denki University
Member Shigemasa Nakagawa NIPPON STEEL TEXENG.CO.,LTD.
Member Kenji Ikeda Tokushima University
Member Yusuke Fujimoto The University of Kitakyushu




 Mechatronic Systems (SG01)
Chair Mitsuo Hirata Utsunomiya University
Co-Chair Hiroshi Fujimoto The University of Tokyo
Co-Chair Akira Shimada Shibaura Institute of Technology
Co-Chair Tomonori Sato MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation
Co-Chair Naoko Toyoshima Nidec Corporation
Co-Chair Takenori Atsumi Chiba Institute of Technology
Co-Chair Shota Yabui Tokyo City University
Co-Chair Wataru Ohnishi The University of Tokyo
Co-Chair Kenta Seki Nagoya Institute of Technology
Co-Chair Yoshihiro Maeda Nagoya Institute of Technology
Co-Chair Shingo Ito University of Fukui
Co-Chair Ryohei Kitayoshi YASKAWA Electric Corporation
Co-Chair Junji Oaki Toshiba Corporation
Co-Chair Daisuke Akasaka MathWorks Japan
Co-Chair Koichi Sakata Nikon Corporation
Power & Energy Systems (SG02)
Chair Yutaka Iino Waseda University
Co-Chair Yoshihiko Susuki Kyoto University
Co-Chair Atsushi Kurosaki Azbil Corporation
Co-Chair Tomoki Sakaue Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.
Co-Chair Masahiko Murai Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
Co-Chair Shoichi Kitamura MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation
Co-Chair Shinya Suenaga Hitachi, Ltd.
Co-Chair Hikaru Hoshino University of Hyogo
Machinery and Robotics (SG03)
Chair Koichi Osuka Osaka University
Co-Chair Fumiyoshi Takano Komatsu Ltd.
Co-Chair Koji Inada Komatsu Ltd.
Co-Chair Masakazu Fujii IHI Corporation
Co-Chair Hitoshi Hasunuma Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Steel Manufacturing Processes (SG04)
Co-Chair Hisashi Tamaki Kobe University
Co-Chair Osamu Yamaguchi JFE Steel Corporation
Co-Chair Yoshiyuki Noda University of Yamanashi
Co-Chair Tokujiro Horikawa Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation
Co-Chair Toshiharu Iwatani Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Chemical Processes (SG05)
Chair Hideaki Tanaka ENEOS Corporation
Co-Chair Yoshiyuki Yamashita Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Co-Chair Toru Yamamoto Hiroshima University
Co-Chair Hidekazu Kugemoto Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited
Co-Chair Masanobu Obika ADAPTEX Co., Ltd.
Automotive Control (SG06)
Chair Yuji Yasui Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Co-Chair Tatsuya Suzuki Nagoya University
Co-Chair Tielong Shen Sophia University
Co-Chair Junichi Kako Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)
Co-Chair Hayato Nakada Hino Motors, Ltd.
Smart Cities (SG07)
Chair Michinaga Kohno Michi Creative City Designers Inc.
Co-Chair Hideki Koizumi The University of Tokyo
Co-Chair Sachiyo Arai Chiba University
Co-Chair Kenji Hirata University of Toyama
Co-Chair Yuji Yoshimura The University of Tokyo
Co-Chair Yoshiyuki Nagano NEC Corporation
Co-Chair Yoshikazu Ishihara Mitsubishi Research Institute,Inc.
Co-Chair Nobuo Mishima Saga University
Co-Chair Takayuki Morikawa Nagoya University
Co-Chair Masaki Inoue Keio University
Co-Chair Yasuaki Wasa Waseda University
Co-Chair Kenta Tanaka Musashi University
Smart Agriculture (SG08)
Co-Chair Yuichi Chida Shinshu University
Co-Chair Masaki Takahashi Keio University
Co-Chair Kohei Yamada Kubota Corporation
Co-Chair Yasuhisa Uoya Kubota Corporation
Co-Chair Kouki Ono ISEKI & CO., LTD.
Co-Chair Takanori Fukao The University of Tokyo
Member Hisatoshi Suzuki Nagano Vegetable and Ornamental Crops Experiment Station
Member Satoru Sakai Shinshu University
Member Takashi Furuyama National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Control in Construction (SG09)
Chair Keiji Nagatani The University of Tokyo
Co-Chair Kenniti Hamamoto KAJIMA CORPORATION
Co-Chair Mikita Miyaguchi Takenaka Corporation
Co-Chair Masayoshi Watanabe TAISEI CORPORATION
Co-Chair Kazuaki Yoshimoto OBAYASHI CORPORATION
Aerospace Technology (SG10)
Chair Masayuki Sato Kumamoto University
Co-Chair Takayuki Hirose Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JAMSS)
Co-Chair Shinichi Nakasuka The University of Tokyo
Co-Chair Kenzo Nonami Chiba University
Co-Chair Tsutomu Ichikawa Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Co-Chair Daisuke Karikawa Tohoku University
Co-Chair Takehiro Higuchi Yokohama National University
Co-Chair Daisuke Tsubakino Nagoya University
Co-Chair Satoshi Satoh Osaka University
Co-Chair Hiroshi Koyama MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation
Co-Chair Hideki Nomoto Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JAMSS)
Co-Chair Seiya Ueno Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Marine Systems (SG11)
Chair Hiroshi Yoshida Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Co-Chair Etsuro Shimizu Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Co-Chair Hisashi Sugiura Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
Co-Chair Kazuki Eguchi Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Co-Chair Yoshiki Ikeda Mitsubishi Electric Software Corporation
Member Yuya Nishida Kyushu Institute of Technology
Member Tatsuro Yonekura Iwate University
Member Yuichi Kouzaki Yamaguchi Prefecture
Environmental Systems (SG12)
Chair Munenobu Hashizume Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Co-Chair Takao Nakamura Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
Co-Chair Masahiro Maruyoshi Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
Co-Chair Ryo Onishi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Co-Chair Mutsumi Kimura Shinshu University
Co-Chair Ryoichi Ishizuka Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Co-Chair Kenji Kobayashi Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Biological & Medical Systems (SG13)
Chair Kenji Kawashima The University of Tokyo
Co-Chair Koichi Hashimoto Tohoku University
Systems Science & Technology (SG14)
Chair Toshiya Kaihara Kobe University
Co-Chair Itaru Nishizawa Hitachi, Ltd.
Co-Chair Eitaro Aiyoshi Tokyo Metropolitan University
Co-Chair Tatsushi Nishi Okayama University
Co-Chair Kazuyuki Mori MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Corporation
Co-Chair Takashi Nishiyama Panasonic Corporation
Co-Chair Toshiyuki Miyamoto Osaka Institute of Technology
Member Yoshikuni Sato Panasonic Corporation
Internet of Things (SG15)
Chair Shigemasa Takai Osaka University
Co-Chair Kazunori Hayashi Kyoto University
Co-Chair Shinichi Ishizuka Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Co-Chair Daisuke Akasaka MathWorks Japan
Co-Chair Kai Cai Osaka Metropolitan University
Co-Chair Kiminao Kogiso The University of Electro-Communications
Co-Chair Kenji Sawada The University of Electro-Communications
Artificial Intelligence (SG16)
Chair Kazuhiro Nakadai Tokyo Institute of Technology
Co-Chair Ikuko Nishikawa Ritsumeikan University
Co-Chair Tadahiro Taniguchi Ritsumeikan University
Co-Chair Masahito Togami Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Co-Chair Reiji Suzuki Nagoya University
Measurement & Instrumentation (SG17)
Chair Toshiyuki Tanaka Keio University
Co-Chair Akio Namiki Chiba University
Co-Chair Hidehiko Wada Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Co-Chair Takeshi Hatanaka Tokyo Institute of Technology