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The three steps for submitting a contribution to the IFAC World Congress 2023

All papers and proposals must be submitted electronically using the IFAC PaperPlaza conference manuscript management system:

PaperCept, Inc.

At this web page, scroll down to the banner of IFAC WC 2023 and select 'Submit a contribution to IFAC WC 2023'.

First Step: Choose the type of submission

When submitting a contribution to IFAC World Congress 2023, the contributor is first asked to choose among the types of submissions listed in the next table. The table summarizes the main characteristics of each submission type. See also the call for papers for detailed descriptions of the different submission types.

Type of  Submission Page limits for
initial submission
Page limits for
final submission
Publication  Initial submission
Contributed paper 8 6 (max 8)* IFAC-PapersOnLine 18-Nov-22
Contributed survey paper 14 12 (max 14)* IFAC-PapersOnLine 18-Nov-22
Contributed discussion paper 4 4 Preprints only 8-Feb-23
Invited session proposal 6     31-Oct-22
Invited session paper 8 6 IFAC-PapersOnLine 18-Nov-22
Invited session survey paper 16 12 IFAC-PapersOnLine 18-Nov-22
Invited session discussion paper 4 4 Preprints only 14-Dec-22
Open invited track proposal 6     22-Sep-22
Open invited track paper 8 6 IFAC-PapersOnLine 18-Nov-22
Open invited track survey paper 16 12 IFAC-PapersOnLine 18-Nov-22
Open invited track discussion paper 4 4 Preprints only 14-Dec-22
Demonstrator paper 8 6 IFAC-PapersOnLine 18-Nov-22
Demonstrator discussion paper 4 4 Preprints only 14-Dec-22
Workshop/Tutorial  6     14-Dec-22
Dissemination paper     Abstract in the program only 14-Dec-22

For open invited tracks, everyone is welcome to submit even if not personally invited by the organizers. You can submit contributions to any of the tracks. The list of proposed open invited track topics will be uploaded to this web page after we receive proposals. If you feel that your contribution fits the topic of a track, select 'open invited track paper' as submission type and use the code (to be shown in the list) of the track you choose at the second step of submission.

* With extra page charge, the final version may be up to 8 pages for regular papers and 14 pages for survey papers.

Second Step: Input paper information

At the second step, the contributor is asked to fill in a form with the following items:

  • Title of the contribution
  • Authors
  • Theme (among the nine IFAC technical areas)
  • List of keywords associated to the selected theme.
    See here for the list of keywords classified by technical areas and by technical committees.
    IMPORTANT: Review of your contribution will be handled by the technical committee associated to the 1st keyword. The review process is under single-blinded style. See here for the list of technical committees.
  • Abstract of the contribution

By default, contributions to open invited tracks are evaluated within the technical area chosen by the track organizer. If a paper to be submitted to an open invited track has a multi-area nature, the authors can suggest different keywords for evaluation and review. To do so, they should send an email to <e-mail address closed> specifying (a) their submission ID number and the open invited track code; (b) the ordered list of three keywords among those listed on the IFAC WC 2023 keywords page. The IPC may then reassign the submission to the appropriate technical committee for the reviewing process.

Third Step: Preparing the manuscript

At the third and final step of submission, the contributor uploads his/her contribution that should fulfill the format constraints (use the IFAC paper format here). All submissions must be written in English and prepared according to the IFAC format. See the support page where tools are provided for managing formatting issues.

Important Information for Manuscript Preparation

At this third step the authors are allowed to upload additional documents. This is intended for submissions in the demonstrator category: If you intend to bring your demonstrator device to the World Congress, please provide an additional document describing the needed space and needed equipments in the session room.


For further information regarding paper submission, please contact us via the following email address: <e-mail address closed>