A custom MATLAB toolbox for teaching control 101



Control Education 2:  A custom MATLAB toolbox for teaching control 101

Date: 12:00-13:30, Thursday, 13th July 2023 (ThLunch)
Room: Room 301

Related Technical Committees: TC 9.4. Control Education

John Anthony Rossiter (University of Sheffield)

Session Chairs:
Chair: John Anthony Rossiter (University of Sheffield)
Co-Chair: Craig Buhr (Mathworks)



Modern technology and software provide opportunities for academic staff to create interactive learning resources quickly, easily and cheaply.  Simple interactive resources are beneficial to students, allowing them to learn by trial and error, as well as visualise both the engineering and detailed analysis behind problems. Moreover, they can be used to supplement laboratory activities, either pre- and/or post-laboratory, as they allow students freedom to experiment with a rapid iteration time.
The organisers are interested in the use of MATLAB tools to create learning resources to support control modules. Consequently, Dr Rossiter and Mathworks are collaborating in the development of a ‘community toolbox for a 1st course on control’. In order to maximise accessibility to worldwide users, the toolbox would be available through normal MATLAB routes and others.
This Forum session is to ensure the proposed toolbox is of maximum use to the global community and thus it is essential that we get some effective input and feedback in the early stages of the project. Specifically, the aim is for an effective sharing and discussion session with international colleagues which will direct future efforts in a manner that is most effective for all, and moreover, possibly gain some enthusiastic collaborators.

Session Program

This session will be split into three parts.
•    The first part will demonstrate some of the interactive resources and virtual laboratories created by the author as a means of illustrating what can be achieved relatively easily.
•    The second part will, briefly, give some insight into the coding requirements, should staff wish to use the associated tools to develop resources of their own. 
•    A third part would focus on Q&A, feedback from the community and discussions on the opportunities for new collaborators and new resources for the toolbox.  

Biography of Speaker

Dr. Rossiter has an international reputation in his research on MPC combined with sustained excellence and academic leadership in teaching innovation. He has served as chair of both the IFAC and IEEE Technical Committees on control education where he helped promote and lead some important recent initiatives on the core control curriculum and open access learning and teaching resources for the community. He has several teaching awards.