ECCV Control Benchmark for sustainable Transport



Competition Session:
ECCV Control Benchmark for Sustainable Transport

Date: 10:00-12:00, Wednesday, 12th July 2023 (WeA)
Room: Room 417
Competition website:

Related Technical Committee: TC 7.1. Automotive Control

Lars Eriksson and Robin Holmbom (Linköping University, Sweden)
Viktor Leek (Scania CV AB, Sweden)

Session Chairs:
Chair: Lars Eriksson (Linköping University, Sweden)
Co-chair: Robin Holmbom (Linköping University, Sweden)

Christoph Hametner (TU Wien IMM, Austria)
Marco Sorrentino (University of Salerno, Italy)
Maarten Vlaswinkel (Eindhoven University of Technology, Sweden)
Sanghyeon Nam and Suyong Park (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
Stefano Radrizzani (The University of Alabama, USA)
Matteo Spano (The Ohio State University, USA)


Prior to the congress a very challenging control benchmark for electromobility, was formulated. It aims at solving problems where control engineering is of benefit for reaching a sustainable transportation system. In the benchmark problem, an electric truck is to be controlled where hydrogen is the energy carrier and a fuel cell act as an energy converter while a battery is used to support the operation. The benchmark focuses on transportation missions with trucks, where the transportation mission must be fulfilled within a given time, but the technology is generic and applicable to all types of vehicles. The benchmark problem has been solved by several teams during the spring.

This session will present the benchmark problem and then the teams will present what they focused on and how they developed solutions that aimed at fulfilling the mission as energy efficiently as possible while considering the many challenges that we face when we want to propel the vehicle forward. In particular, several subsystems have constraints that need to be fulfilled for the safe operation and durability of the system. Examples of this are computational power as well as the temperature of the fuel cell in combination with its voltage.

Session Program

10:00-10:20    Lars Eriksson – Introduction and overview of the ECCV Benchmark Competition.
10:20-10.30    Team 1 Overview of approach and solution
10:30-10.40    Team 2 Overview of approach and solution
10:40-10.50    Team 3 Overview of approach and solution
10:50-10.30    Team 4 Overview of approach and solution
11:00-11:10    Team 5 Overview of approach and solution
11:10-11:20    Team 6 Overview of approach and solution
11:20-11:30    Robin Holmbom and Viktor Leek – Summary of result and announcement of winner
11:30-12:00    Panel discussion about the lessons learned and results.

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